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How To Update Websites

If you have a website and you haven’t noticed a lot of impressions, you may have wondered what the problem could be. You may worry that your website is not ranking in search engines or that the previous site visitors have forgotten about your website. The truth is that your website could be needing a most-awaited update to improve its features, usability, and SEO. In this blog, we’ll be going over how to update websites.

Reasons To Update A Website

There is no right or wrong time to improve your website; the following list reflects some of the top reasons to update a website.

Reason #1: Improve The Visual Appeal Of The Website

While many websites neglect the importance of investing in the visual appeal of the site, the visual appeal determines whether a visitor will leave the website or continue browsing it. The appearance of a website helps with illustrating the core fundamentals of your website. If your website doesn’t feature a user-friendly design, then it is time for you to redesign your website.

If your website sports an old and unstructured layout, it may give the idea that your website is defunct. This makes website visitors look at your website in a bad light. Your website should be able to reflect the core values, services, and other perks of your website using visuals and images. This way, it allures the visitor into continuing to use the site much more so than if the website was horribly designed.

Improving the visual design of a website does more than making it appealing to the eyes—it also improves the navigation of the website. If your website is outdated, then it won’t be able to work on mobile devices, which wouldn’t be a good look for your site.

Reason #2: Improve Load Times

While there are numerous reasons to update a website, one of the most important reasons should be the load time. The world of websites and digital marketing is highly competitive, so a website must win the attention of visitors as soon as they enter your website.

For example, here are our current Google PageSpeed Insights

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Prolonged load times aren’t considered a good thing amongst visitors, and they might close your website before they get a chance to explore it. The importance of load time is unbeatable; therefore, website owners should keep up with maintenance from time to time to retain their visitors.

Reason #3: It Enhances The Effectiveness Of Your Website

From a marketing standpoint view, the effectiveness of your website matters significantly. You should be familiar with the analytics of your website and look into the feedback of visitors. One tool you can use is Google Analytics to study the overall performance of your website.

When considering enhancing the effectiveness of your website, you should have the website designer integrate a call-to-action (CTA) on your website to encourage the visitors to learn more about a particular segment of the site or to convert them objectively.

A call-to-action is an element that’s integrated to the website to drive your audience to complete an action.

I.E. A free quote button

Want more reasons to update your website?

Importance Of Updating The Website?

The ultimate goal of a website is to drive visitors to the goals you create for the website. An excellent website is made of several factors, such as increased load time, appealing visual design, compelling content, and persuasive call-to-action elements. The following two reasons reflect the ultimate importance of updating your website:

  • Updating your website content to appeal to a broader audience

If your visitors are content with the visual design of your website, maybe it’s the outdated content on your site that’s putting them off. You should upload optimized and relevant content to your website to appeal to your current audience as well as to entice a newer prospective audience.

  • Changing your website in accordance with the growing needs of your visitors

If you’re announcing some new product, service, course, or what have you, you should be able to advertise on your website.

Your website serves as a representation of the work you do, and it is a way to connect with people who are interested in what you offer. By updating your website, you can integrate several innovative and attractive features.

How To Update A Website

There are several reasons to update your website as detailed above, but enough about that. Let’s dive into the actual “How To” part…

  • Rebranding Your Website

Before you consider selecting a design or theme for your website, you should need to make sure that your website is parallel with your brand. You should choose an appealing logo design for your website and make sure you include whitespace in your next website.

This’ll allow certain parts of the site to prevail over others, and establishes a hierarchy. When re-branding your website, you should be able to specify website goals to determine the direction of your website’s content.

  • Say Yes To Using Whitespace

Whitespace is an integral component of any design. Not opting for whitespace or negative space could create a clustered and cluttered look on your website.

Be generous when showing the content and visuals of your website. Remember not to overdo the number of things you place in front of your visitor’s eyes.

  • Improve The Visual Appeal Of Your Website

The visuals and imagery of a website serve as a headliner for your website, so make sure to invest in visual appeals when updating it. If your website looks anything less than aesthetically pleasing, it might not be so favorable for your site’s reputation and credibility.

  • Ditch The Use Of Stock Photos

Stock photos add a manufactured feel to your website, which doesn’t look authentic at all. Instead, use real imagery to showcase your personnel and staff to the visitors of the website.

In certain instances, it may make sense to use stock images. General topics or concepts can be supported with basic imagery, whereas an author’s profile picture can’t be a default image.

Quick Tip

Ask yourself, “How does each element I put in front of my visitor add value to their experience on my website.” This’ll allow you to get rid of clutter rather quickly.

  • SEOptimize Your Website

If your website is not optimized regularly, then your design efforts would be wasted. If you don’t optimize your website’s SEO, it would be like owning a storefront with no signs or branding outside.

Ask an experienced SEO specialist to optimize your site. If you’re more hands-on, I find this article specifically helpful. Make sure you opt for general SEO as well as local SEO for favorable outcomes.

  • Using Icons

The use of icons is an essential medium for conveying ideas and gestures to the visitors of a website. It should work in congruence with text and visuals to create an effective medium for your website.

  • Persuasive and Compelling Content

Content is the star of any website. If your content is bland, a visitor will still be uninterested no matter how attractive your visuals are. If you’ve read this far, maybe it’ll give you some ideas on how to approach content creation. Update your content as you update your website, and you will notice favorable outcomes.

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog was helpful and taught you how to update websites. If so, feel free to drop a comment below or share this post on social media!

If you’re looking to have someone redo your website, our company specializes in custom website redesign. We’d be happy to work with you in accomplishing your goals online!

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